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Partner Sales Foundations is a course that exposes Laiye partner sales representatives to Laiye’s market position, sales tools, processes, resources, products and competitive differentiators. The course is designed for Laiye partner sales representatives that are experienced in software sales.

Course participants should expect to invest two hours consuming training and completing assessments. After which, participants should work with a Laiye staff member to jointly identify, develop and pursue his or her first 2-3 Laiye opportunities.

In addition, after completing this course partner sales representatives are encouraged to take foundation level courses for each Laiye product (RPA, IDP, Chatbot, etc.) This is not required, but is strongly recommended.

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This course is designed for sales representatives at Laiye partners. Enrollees must be employed by an organization holding a formal partnering agreement with Laiye.

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Partner Sales Foundation Course

Learn Laiye products for better sales