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All necessary documentation for all Laiye Products. 

  • Automation Creator
  • Automation Commander
  • Automation Worker
  • IDP Platform
  • The Hub
  • Conversational AI
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RPA Citizen Developer

Perfect documentation and detailed explanation for RPA beginners.

RPA Professional Developer

A detailed guide for professional developers who prefer to code.

IDP Developer

Learn how to quick start process documents with pre-trained models. 

Frequently asked questions

How to get access to documentation of Laiye products?

All documentation is open and fee as well as our Community edition software. 

In which languages is the documentation available?

We constantly support two languages - English and Chinese. However, if you enable auto-translation in the Google Chrome browser, you can easily read our documentation in almost any language.

If I see a problem in the documentation, how do I tell you?

Well, firstly, we are always very happy to receive your detailed feedback in any form. If possible, send us an email to