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RPA Citizen Developer

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows users to automate digital tasks with bots that can learn and execute rules-based processes. This technology can operate round the clock with speed and precision, saving companies time and money while boosting productivity by channelling resources to mission-critical work. After completing this learning path, you will have the skills and knowledge to create, implement, and execute RPA solutions in different scenarios using Laiye RPA.

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This learning path is focused on the everyone who is willing to automate his own work and do not have coding background. 

3 courses

Learn Laiye RPA low code capabilities in 3 courses and be prepared to certification thru the mock-exam. 

28 hours

This path is required up to 10h for learning (videos, documentation), 16h for practical assignments and 2h for certification.

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You can always contact the community forum with your questions. Our specialists will quickly come to the rescue.

Certificate awards

Once you’ve completed learning path, you can take our online exam to earn official Laiye RPA Developer certification. 

Courses (Laiye RPA 6.x)

Be prepared for certification

Get help from community

Get certified

Once you’ve completed this learning path, you can take our online exam to earn an official RPA certification.